Promark’s Maple Drumsticks

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • July 25, 2018

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Promark Drumsticks‘ new maple drumsticks are a part of their Select Balance line.

Compared with hickory, maple is a softer and lighter wood, allowing for a larger diameter drumstick without the added weight. As maple is a softer wood, it is also very comfortable in the hand, and will not transmit vibrations as easily as denser woods like hickory and oak.

These new models will feature the Rebound design of our Select Balance models – a long, 3” taper for optimized finesse and agility, but with the addition of a round tip for a bright, full tone that is articulate on drums and cymbals.

Rebound 7A, 5A, 55A and 5B models will be available in both standard length (16”) and long versions (16 ½”).

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