Recruitment and Retention – It’s More Than “Filling the Seats”

Christina Huss • April 2024Minute Clinic • April 8, 2024

A key aspect of all music programs is recruitment and retention. We are often pressured to “fill the seats,” but that doesn’t matter much if they don’t stay filled with students who want to learn. I have tried a variety of different techniques to recruit and retain prospective music students. A multifaceted approach works best!

–       Introduce music programs early by collaborating with feeder schools

–       Host instrument petting zoos to spark interest

–       Encourage peer recruitment and parent informational sessions

–       Seek community involvement through diverse musical experiences

–       Regular performances to showcase student talents and accomplishments

–       Cultivate a positive, inclusive environment

–       Recognize student achievements

By using these strategies, music programs can attract and
     retain students, and spark a passion that can last a lifetime.

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