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Reserve Mouthpieces for Alto Saxophone from D’Addario Woodwinds

Victoria Wasylak • Instruments & Gear • January 26, 2018

The new Reserve mouthpieces for alto saxophone from D’Addario Woodwinds capture the desired sound and provide the needed response for the most demanding, modern classical saxophonists, with exceptional range of dynamic flexibility and intonation across all registers of the saxophone.

These mouthpieces are expertly designed by a team of top musicians and engineers, the mouthpieces are milled, not molded, from solid rod rubber using D’Addario’s precise computer-controlled mouthpiece-making technology. With a medium chamber and facing length, the alto saxophone mouthpieces are available in two tip openings: D145 which features a tip opening of 1.45mm, and D150 with a tip opening of 1.50mm.

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