Sabian Adds Vanguard Cymbals To HH Remastered Series

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • May 9, 2016

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SABIAN has just announced the addition of Vanguard cymbals to its Remastered HH line. Designed to provide exceptional versatility and feel, each model in the HH Vanguard family responds to the touch in a way that will surprise you – and inspire you.

Like all HH cymbals, Vanguard models are fully hand hammered. But there are key differences. Vanguard cymbals employ pinpoint lathing, rather than traditional lathing. Also, Vanguard cymbals are thinner and lighter, with smaller bells and extended profiles overall. The result is clean, woody stick definition, providing exceptional articulation for such light cymbals.

Drummers who prefer dark cymbals with fast responses will love HH Vanguard cymbals, especially fans of the HHX Evolution line. They provide an elegant, crystalline complexity of sound that is always musical. Choose the 16” or 18” for immediate responses, or the 20”, 21” or 22” for less overall wash.

Striking in appearance, 14” Vanguard Hats deliver an ultra-smooth transition from a fat, meaty foot “chick” to a dry closed stick sound. They are completely raw on the bottoms, and lathed only on the outer 2” area of the tops, lined the rest of the way to the cup. They provide complex tone that blends exceedingly well, while offering enough power for mainstream sounds.

One of the most popular series from the Crescent cymbals catalog, Vanguard is a perfect fit for SABIAN’s flagship hand-hammered line. For more information, please visit

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