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Thomas Palmatier • October 2022Perspective • October 13, 2022

Every time I hear someone (especially a streaming service) say they’re going to start a “Plus” service it generally means it will no longer be free. This issue marks the premiere of SBO+ but it will always be at the same great price (free!).

SBO+ welcomes our jazz brethren, chorus teachers, general music teachers, musical theater directors, modern band rockers, mariachi artists, and any other person who wakes up every day and says, “This is a great day to teach music!”

Long-time band and orchestra readers of SBO may fear this will result in a decrease of articles addressing their needs. Not true! SBO+ will be adding pages to include the content you have been used to as well as lots more.

With such a long record of success, you may be asking why we’re doing this. Many music educators are teaching multiple genres and there’s a real need for helpful articles for all of us working outside of our comfort zone. Our goal is for every issue to have something helpful and informative for every teacher of music. We’ll keep you abreast of new products and technology.

This issue includes a special focus on strings but also includes a look inside the ideal general music classroom. Imagine if you are a middle school music teacher and every graduating fifth grader who arrives at your door knows how to read rhythms, knows note names for both clefs, and has experience writing songs and improvising. They are proficient in recorder, keyboard, ukulele, percussion, and have started to play guitar, bass, and drum set. This is not a fantasy; I’ve seen “Miss Abby” achieve it and have been a substitute teacher in her classroom which is in a small mountain community.

This transition won’t happen instantly. We’re aggressively reaching out to teachers of music and distinguished music educators to broaden our scope. We also must engage a whole new group of advertisers who pay the bills. The changes will occur over the months ahead, but we’re thrilled to have you “along for the ride.”

Tom Palmatier
Editor-in-Chief, SBO+

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