Saturn’s Evolution Series of Drum Kits

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • December 3, 2020

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The new Saturn Evolution Series of drum kits offers hybrid shell technology, presenting both Birch/Walnut blended shells and Maple/Walnut blended shells in the same series, giving the player unprecedented selection in sound character.

Saturn Evolution debuts the “Halo” mounting system, a unique lateral “under lug-line” suspension mount allowing the shell to fully resonate with an open, pure tone. Each Halo Mount is equipped with the new Sustain Adjustment Knob which acts as a built-in equalizer slightly dampening the resonance of the shell when needed, producing a tighter and quicker decay, and eliminating the need for external muffling.

 Saturn Evolution also includes a host of Mapex Innovations developed through the acclaimed Black Panther Design Lab project. Floor tom legs feature a 90-degree static angled leg and the Sonic Pedestal Foot reducing the transfer of energy through the hardware keeping as much resonance in the drum as possible. The air flow venting system ensures that each drum produces its optimal tone by locating the air-vents at the nodal points of each shell keeping each drum breathing perfectly from the slightest touch to the most brutal stroke. The Chamber Specific Design concept gives each part of the instrument its true voice as shell plies get progressively thicker, depths increase by 1/2”, and SONIClear bearing edges graduate as the drums get larger in diameter.

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