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SBO Staff • June 2021New Products • June 12, 2021


Buffet Crampon Festival Clarinet

The Buffet Crampon Festival Clarinet has always combined professional quality with value, and during the month of June, Buffet Crampon USA is offering a $200 Instant Rebate on the Festival B-flat clarinet. Considered a Prestige-level clarinet, the Festival has many upgraded features, including an alternate A-flat/E-flat key for the left hand, premium unstained African blackwood, two tuning barrels (65mm and 66mm), metal tenon caps and GT pads. It features a poly-cylindrical bore and is a member of the R13 bore family. Festival clarinets also come in the upgraded Prestige case (B-flat in a single, A in a double case).



Mel-O-Dee Balls from Trophy Music Co.

Trophy Music Co. presents Mel-O-Dee Balls. Mel-O-Dee Balls are the company’s latest product and are a fun and easy way to introduce children to music at home or in the classroom. Mel-O-Dee Balls are an accurately tuned, C to C, 8 ball set, individually colored and note marked, so that virtually anyone can learn to play. They produce musical tones when squeezed, helping to build strength and dexterity through the squeezing motion it takes to play them and can be used by people with intellectual and developmental impairment to develop sensorimotor skills, social skills, and creativity. Mel-O-Dee Balls come packaged in a colorful display box with a handle for easy carrying and can be hung or placed on a shelf for easy display.


Grover Mandolin Machine Heads (409 Series)

Grover Musical Products’ new Grover professional model mandolin machine heads (409 Series) feature an adjustable worm gear that is specially designed along with the die cast base to maintain the center lines of the gear and worm and ensure correct alignment for the finest tuning possible. The “rounded washer head” button screw design presents a more vintage look. The worm to gear ratio is 18:1. The machine heads are available in “A”, “F”, and “F Vintage” styles with either Pearloid, Black or White buttons, and screws and bushing are provided. Available finishes include nickel and gold.


Vic Firth Debuts Two New Graphic Practice Pads

The Avedis Zildjian Company, parent company of Vic Firth, introduces two new products into its lineup of practice accessories, the Vic Firth Digital Camo Practice Pads, and the Vic Firth VF Practice Pads. The Vic Firth Digital Camo pad surface offers a fun take on a modern digital camouflage graphic, and the Vic Firth VF pad features a classic Vic Firth “VF” logo design. Both pads feature a solid wooden base with a non-slip backing to keep the pad in place during use. Ideal for beginning drummers, these silicone pads provide excellent response for learning drum set technique. Both pads are available in 6-inch and 12-inch versions. Available now from authorized Vic Firth dealers worldwide.



Excelcia 2021-22 Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble Music Catalogs

The 2021-22 Concert Band Catalog

Excelcia Music Publishing’s recently released 2021-22 Concert Band music catalog has more than 50 new works from well-known composers and talented newcomers. The new catalog encompasses a wide variety of styles, from marches and contest festival works to Halloween and holiday concerts. As it has done in prior years, the publisher’s release includes live professional recordings of each piece (safely recorded), which can be used as a tool with students in the classroom as well as for remote learning. The roster of composers includes Tyler Arcari, Christopher Artau, Jon Bubbett, R. Alan Carter, Carol Brittin Chambers, Larry Clark, Laura Estes, Chris Ferguson, Joshua Hobbs, Christina Huss, Ed Kiefer, Gene Milford, Michael J. Miller, Amy Riebs Mills, Yukiko Nishimura, Sean O’Loughlin, Steve Parsons, John M. Pasternak, Brooke Pierson, Matthew R. Putnam, David Samuel, Peter Sciaino and Alan Lee Silva. Each score, and its accompanying parts, are meticulously-edited and beautifully set for ease of reading and include unique features to increase accessibility and help facilitate efficient rehearsals. Published in Excelcia Music Publishing’s signature color-coded series, the Concert Band music follows the strict and consistent six-part grading system developed by the powerhouse editorial team of Clark and Arcari: Prelude (grade .5), Da Capo (grade 1), Harmony (grade 1.5), Intermezzo (grade 2 to 2.5), Rhapsody (grade 3 to 3.5) and Maestro (grade 4 and up). In addition to the professional recordings, the publisher is providing Score Videos and preview scores for each piece on its website.

Separately, Excelcia also announced its Jazz Ensemble music catalog. This year, the publisher added a Grade 1 level (Jazz Odyssey), which features music in a variety of styles for beginners. Also new, a Guitar chord frame chart specific to each piece is included in the more accessible grades in the series (Grades 1 and 1.5), showing both basic and advanced options for the Guitar player. And as it has done in prior years, the publisher’s release includes live professional recordings of each piece (safely recorded), which can be used as a tool with students in the classroom as well as for remote learning. The publisher’s 2021 Jazz Ensemble Music release includes pieces from composers Kris Berg, Blair Bielawski, Larry Clark, Jack Cooper, Steve Parsons, Jamie Roth, David Samuel, Peter Sciaino, Michele Weir and Steve Wiest.



Hercules Stands Launches DG Adaptive Series

Hercules’ DG Adaptive Series includes three new products — the Universal Podcast Mic & Camera Arm Stand, Smartphone Holder, and 2-In-1 Tablet. Available to order now, the new models all include unique design elements such as 360° rotation, the TightVice locking mechanism, wider support range to accommodate a variety of devices and accessories, and adaptive application for ease of mounting on any surface. Products and prices include the Universal Podcast Mic & Camera Arm Stand (DG107B, $59.99), Smartphone Holder (DG207B, $39.99) and 2-In-1 Tablet and Phone Holder (DG307B, $49.99).

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