Soprano POWER RING Ligatures from JodyJazz

Mike Lawson • December 2020Instruments & Gear • December 29, 2020

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JodyJazz continues to expand the selection of POWER RING Ligature series with the introduction of the HRS1 (24 Kt Gold-Plated) and HRS1S (Silver-Plated) Soprano models.

The new HRS1 and HRS1S POWER RING Ligatures fit the HR* Soprano, SUPER JET Soprano and new HR* CUSTOM DARK Soprano mouthpiece models. The POWER RING Ligatures have greater thickness and heft and feature a concave inner design which reduces the touch points on the reed thereby maximizing reed vibration. The design of the POWER RING Ligatures allows the most freedom and vibration of the reed of any ligatures currently on the market. The POWER RING simply slides over the reed and becomes very secure as it is pushed tightly over the reed. Each JodyJazz POWER RING Ligature comes with a deluxe pouch.

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