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SoundArt Concert Snare Drums from Black Swamp Percussion

Victoria Wasylak • Instruments & Gear • October 16, 2020

Black Swamp has released an update to their SoundArt snare system, featuring the new Arch Throw.

The original SoundArt Strainer was the first trio snare system directly integrated into the throw off, giving players accurate and unprecedented control of snare unit tension. The updated Arch Throw functions exactly the same, but with a modern, stylish design. The shape matches the existing arch style tube lugs, with a universal adjustment knob now on the strainer side. Adjustment knobs have also been updated, along with the wire wound snare unit now placed in the center of the drum. The updated throw is available on SoundArt snare drums 5″ or deeper, and on the line of Symphonic Field Drums.

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