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St Louis Music to Sponsor Great Circle Charity Event

Sharon Paquette Lose • News • October 19, 2016

St Louis Music announced that it will donate ten Austin brand guitars to the Great Circle “Starry Starry Night” Charity Event, which takes place in November at the Four Seasons Hotel in St. Louis.

“Giving instruments to local charities is one of the best ways we can help a cause,”  says Rich Dumstorff, vice president of SLM Marketplace.  “Nothing connects people like music, and an instrument as a prize or as an autographed collector’s piece can be a significant boost to their auction value.”

Great Circle is a St. Louis Based counseling and support service with a vision to guide and empower those in circumstances beyond their control through times of struggle, toward a place where they can thrive.   They provide a spectrum of behavioral health services, and specialized programs to children and families. 

On November 12, the evening will feature music and art created by Great Circle children, as well as performances by local acts.  The ten Austin Guitars donated by SLM will be signed by local celebrities and auctioned in support of the Great Circle cause.

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