Students Open Their Minds to Music

Mike Lawson • News • February 22, 2016

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Students at Pick Elementary are learning the recipe to a great melody.

Music teacher Caleb Doster helps open the chance for kids to express themselves. Each grade at Pick Elementary is assigned to learn a new instrument.

“It gives the kids a wonderful opportunity to kind of find their way in elementary school,” he says.

But they’re not only learning the keyboard. The students are introduced to a new instrument every year, like the guitar and recorder. It’s an opportunity they don’t take for granted.

“I’m a lucky child because most of the kids out there don’t have what we have and it’s a big opportunity,” says 5th grader Lena Tran.

But these students say it’s never too late to start. “They really don’t play music and they don’t really realize music is all around you and so I think we can express our talents so people can know more about music,” says student J.T. Williams.

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