Students Receive Music Donation and Visit From Switchfoot

Mike Lawson • News • March 22, 2016

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Switchfoot Donation Music is here to stay at Montgomery Elementary School.

Since January, every single student is getting a chance to learn how to play an instrument and some sixth graders showed off what they’ve learned so far during a special assembly.

For sixth grader Arturo Palomares, it’s the very first time he’s been exposed to music in this way and in two months, he’s learned a lot about the saxophone.

” I’ve learned that the wooden part is a woodwind and when you blow into it it vibrates and you press a button and it makes that sound,” Palomares said.

“It means we’re changing lives. Music is proven to do so many things for a brain. and these students’ lives can be changed for forever. The world might be changed forever because of them,” said Marc Keehmer, the music teacher.

Their new instrumental music program was possible because Montgomery received a grant of new band instruments from the VH1 “Save the Music” foundation.

“We are committed and dedicated to bring the arts to every single child,” said Principal Monica Ruiz. “Students kinder through 6th grade are being exposed to music on a weekly basis where otherwise they would not have the opportunities.”

Helping to support the foundation is San Diego’s own Grammy award winning band – Switchfoot – who showed up to hear the kids play.

They also left them with some encouraging words.

“For me, music represents an entire world even if you don’t become a musician professionally it allows you to express yourself and it’s a challenge that never goes away,” said Switchfood band member, Jon Foreman.

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