Students Thrive at Northeast Iowa School of Music

Mike Lawson • News • January 19, 2016

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School of MusicFor more than 15 years, hundreds of budding musicians have been perfecting every note and chord at the Northeast Iowa School of Music in Dubuque. Now some of those graduates are professional musicians.

There’s the thrill of a promising student, just starting out. 
Piano Student Nate Kelley said, “The best part is that I get to make music.”

And there is the joy of those who want to pick up a skill, a little later in life.

Northeast Iowa School of Music Executive Director Tracey Rush said, “I have people in their 70’s and 80’s who’ve said, ‘I’ve always wanted to play the violin.’ And now they have the time. “

22 certified teachers at N.I.S.O.M work with students on vocal performance; they help students perfect their skills on string and wind instruments.

Rush said, “We train on flute, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, oboe, trombone, trumpet and the French horn.”

The student’s tuition helps cover most of the operating costs for this non-profit. But directors depend on donations and fundraisers. 
“He was one of our very first students. He took violin and composition from me,” Rush said.

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