Style and Sound: Band Uniforms and Footwear for 2018

Mike Lawson • Features • May 11, 2018

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With marching season upon us, SBO presents some of the newest uniform trends and offerings for your band programs.


This season has shown even more use of printed designs and patterns used not only for the coat portion of the uniform, but also the pants, and most often the shako hats that now are often covered by a wrapped embellishment or an actual slip cover, all designed to coordinate with the entire ensemble.

Some marching bands are looking to differentiate themselves through the use of a very graphic, bold visual statement in a secondary uniform concept, while maintaining a more traditional uniform for school related functions such as football games, parades, and other community related events.

For those who choose to have only one uniform for all wear purposes, the choices are more colorful and incorporate lots of embellished attachments, such as drapes, capes, and shako wraps to bring more drama to the visual effects of the uniform.

Quality standards still remain a very important aspect of the uniform project as the majority of the nation’s schools still work with school board approved budgets and are subject to meeting certain standards for longevity and investment considerations as they consider new uniforming for the marching band and indoor performance groups.

The technology has continued to grow and DeMoulin’s advancements in cutting and printing equipment are all necessary parts of the production process for today’s aggressive market.

The continual development of more comfortable, athletic performance fabrics is ongoing, as well as the newest environmentally conscience fabric, REJUVITEX, developed by DeMoulin. DeMoulin also works closely with band staffs and parent groups as well as administrators to develop a style and a quality level that best suits the customer in every case.



Versatility, more options, more ways to give each individual band or drum corps their own unique look. Technology continues to expand the way graphics are integrated into design, with even more, brighter color options – including vibrant neons, more intense shading, and more texture than ever before. It is truly possible to make any design a reality, and Stanbury Uniforms custom-produces these printed fabrics in-house, more accurately and more efficiently than anyone else. There are also more ways to showcase your design, from athletic stretchware to more traditional styles. Stanbury can create a unique custom jacket in “drum corps-proven” fabrics and the unlimited new graphics options can be used to accessorize and update your look for each season, at a fraction of the cost. Stanbury is ready to work with you, to meet your individual needs, to execute your vision and fit your budget. What doesn’t change from year-to-year is Stanbury’s 100-year history of quality, durability, versatility and customer satisfaction. That is a uniform trend that will never change.


The Band Hall

The Band Hall’s designers work to bring a unique approach to each ensemble, whether it be traditional, contemporary or avant-garde, and always offering time-tested techniques, passion, tailoring to the ensemble and attention to detail. The Band Hall works for the perfect design tailored to you and care about every detail of their construction, and above all, wants every performer to feel and look like the superstar they are!

The Band Hall offers a full line of uniforms and marching accessories to marching bands, drum corps, color guards and marching percussion in all 50 states, Europe, and Asia.


Fred J. Miller

Among FJM’s most recent innovations, the unique Gemini uniform is really a popular modular system that combines the flexible comfort and color of today’s custom stretchwear with the crisp, tailored look of their famous Cesario Collection.

Every band can now display a strong core visual identity, and yet creatively change its look from show-to-show, season- to-season, and event-to-event. With Gemini, colorful “Friday Night Spirit” can transform into intense Saturday competition mode without giving up the trademark FJM fit, finish and service. Only Gemini combines strong brand image with exciting options to generate new looks in a vivid range of colors, patterns, fabrics, and styles.





Drillmasters’ patented Rolled-Heel promotes a perfect “roll/ glide-step/corps-style” step. Designed by and expressly for the 18-time DCI World Champion Blue Devils, this unique footwear offers your performers structural features that deliver unmatched, score-boosting, super-comfort.




While bands play the music of the great masters on the football field and in the concert hall, Dinkles concentrates on delivering band shoes built to exacting standards to guarantee comfort, safety, and great looks in an economical package. Dinkles’ full line of marching shoes is good for all seasons and includes the leading all-leather marching shoe, the Vanguard, the affordable Glide, the highly-polished Formal, and dance shoes and boots to fit every band front performance.

Take the Edge, the world’s first athletic marching shoe which debuted in 2001 as a result of listening to our customers and delivering a sneaker-style shoe that was comfortable for students and provided the uniform look directors require. Today, the Edge still leads the way in comfort, style and performance compared to other shoes in the same price range.

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