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  • Survival 101

    Mike Lawson | July 6, 2009

    As part of our survival issue, SBO spoke to experienced band directors and music education professionals to get their advice and tips on surviving that exciting and, at times daunting, first year of teaching.

    What are the toughest challenges a music educator will face in their first year of teaching?
    Heath Wolf
    : Narrowing the gap between what they know and what they need to know to be successful as an instrumental music educator. No matter how good your college education is, there will always be areas in which you feel you need improvement, especially in the first years of teaching. Professional networking with successful educators and performers can be a great resource for the myriad of pedagogical problems that confront all teachers, especially those in their first year. Taking private lessons on instruments you feel weak on, attending clinics and master classes, and joining professional organizations can all help narrow the gap.

    John Stroube: Most young teachers struggle with classroom control and techniques for channeling the attention and energy of their students. All will be lost unless control is attained and maintained in a positive way. Yet the need to remain positive must not prevent the teacher from sustaining command of the learning process.

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