• NUVO opens US Sales and Distribution Center

    Mike Lawson | October 9, 2015

    After 3 years of steady growth in the US, Nuvo has opened the doors of its new sales and distribution center in Boston, MA. “It’s been exciting to come to NAMM, win awards and meet new customers over the past 3 years,” said Max Clissold, Nuvo CEO, from his office in Hong Kong. “Now that we have a base in Boston we can reduce lead times, improve terms and offer our retail customers the back up they need to successfully bring our products to local schools.” Nuvo produces a range of innovative instruments designed with the young beginner in mind. By designing instruments that are lighter, more durable and more suitable for kids, Nuvo presents an opportunity to bring real band experience to Elementary and Middle Schools without blowing too much budget. “The idea is to capture the imagination of kids as early as possible with real instruments that are more suitable for a school environment and that don’t cost a lot at the outset or in long-term maintenance.” 

  • Jupiter Wave-Line Flutes

    Mike Lawson | August 20, 2014

    The Jupiter 509S and 510ES flutes solve the problem of with the ergonomic concerns many instructors experience while teaching beginning flute students to play. The “Wave-Line” design and shortened length is more ergonomic, and keeps the headjoint in line with the body, promoting correct playing posture.  The 509S model is designed for children from 5 to 8 years of age and features assisted fingering key cups with a specially designed low D body without trill keys.

  • Dear Mr. President

    Mike Lawson | January 19, 2009

    The Honorable Barack Obama
    President of the United States of America
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Washington, D.C.

    Dear President Obama,

    How's it going? Have you found all the light switches in your new digs? Is it hard to sneak into the kitchen for a midnight snack with all the Secret Service folks around? How about that dog for the kids? Do you have a name for him yet?

  • Playing Tip of the Month

    Mike Lawson | October 21, 2006  Band and Orchestra directors click here to submit your own playing tip. "To avoid some confusion for beginning flute players' finger position, I put a small piece of masking tape on the first and third button of the left hand portion of the flute. The tape is removed after a week or so when […] Read More...
  • Flute Fun

    Mike Lawson | November 1, 2003Masterfoods USA proudly presents: “We play a game with our flute section to help them be aware of their instrument positioning and maintain proper angle. Students put a pencil in their flute, at the end opposite the mouthpiece. They must keep the pencil from falling out when playing during rehearsal.” Harold Walt Quincy Junior High […] Read More...
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