• Pokémon-Themed Accessories from KORG

    Mike Lawson | October 7, 2019

    KORG has collaborated with the makers of the popular anime series "Pokémon," releasing limited-edition models of select characters for the Pitchclip 2 clip-on tuner and the MA-2 metronome.

  • New Tuners from KORG

    Mike Lawson | June 13, 2019

    KORG’s MiniPitch series caters to the ukulele demographic.

  • KORG USA, Inc. Advocates for Music Education in the Nation’s Capital

    Mike Lawson | June 11, 2019

    Joe Castronovo, president of KORG USA Inc., and Tiffany Stalker, senior manager of Education, joined more than 100 music industry leaders, professional musicians, and music education activists in Washington DC, to meet with national policy makers on the importance of music education programs in schools.

  • Korg USA Inc. Grants Local Music School with Artist Visit

    Mike Lawson | December 20, 2018

    The students of Musicology Performance Center (Long Island) were given a special opportunity to see English rock band The Struts at popular Long Island venue, the Paramount.

  • The MA-2 Electronic Metronome from KORG

    Mike Lawson | October 5, 2018

    The MA-2 electronic metronome performs all key functions of a standard metronome, this time with a larger display and enhanced volume for easier detection.

  • The Rimpitch C2 from KORG

    Mike Lawson | September 22, 2018

    The Rimpitch C2 from KORG is an evolution of KORG’s innovative acoustic guitar tuner, now in an even more compact package.


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    Korg Cortosia Interactive Tuner App for Flute, Clarinet, and Trumpet

    Mike Lawson | January 29, 2015

    Korg introduces Cortosia, a tuner app. The initial release will support the flute, clarinet, and trumpet with future upgrades expected to increase the variety of instruments supported.

  • Exploring New Electronic Keyboards

    Mike Lawson | August 14, 2014

    Manufacturers discuss the latest keyboard tools for the music classroom

    The integration of powerful new software has changed the way many sectors of the music industry have done business, from recording software to live sound and lighting and even at-home guitar rig design. But one segment that’s been poised to take advantage of this shift for years is electric keyboards, specifically those designed in tandem with educational programs.

    For both educators and students, it’s all about options, according to Roland key accounts manager Ellen Gonzales. “We, as a consumer nation, have changed the way that we consume things,” she says. “We’re not just looking for things that we can buy to use today. We want something that can grow with us. Just think of iPads – people buy them and then constantly upgrade and add to them. I do think that’s a trend that won’t go away and it’s wise to play into that mentality.”

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