Mike Lawson | July 1, 2002Have you ever premiered a work written especially for your performing group? Or have you thought about engaging a composer to work with your students and perhaps conduct a piece in concert? If you have, I trust it was a valuable experience for all involved. If you have yet to enter these waters, I encourage […] Read More...
  • Web Spotlight: Dan F. Long Middle School Falcon Band

    Mike Lawson | June 1, 2002

    The next time you take a trip with your school music group for more than two days, consider posting the highlights of each day's activities on your Web site, with photos and quotes from students, teachers and chaperones. What a great way to connect with the parents, students and administration at home.

    In SBO's March Internet Sitings column, I read about the Fannin County (Georgia) Band and its recent trip to London. I was impressed with how the band directors set up daily Web updates during their trip that instantly communicated every aspect of their travles with the folks back home. There were also journal entries for all six days in England plus "hot" links to pertinent Web sites about the trip. You can check it out for yourself at

    How difficult was it to do this Web posting while in England? It was surprisingly simple. The band director's daughter, a band alumna, was inspired to design a band Web site with its own domain name. Parents, friends and administrators welcomed the daily Web postings and the chance to send messages to students via the band's Web site. You can find more information about this innovative endeavor on the SBO Web site at: The single-most important ingredient is to find an interested person to handle the daily chores of posting to the Web while on a trip. It could be a parent chaperone, a member of the faculty traveling with the music group or even a student who is savvy about Web page construction.

  • Web Spotlight: Fannin County Bands

    Mike Lawson | March 1, 2002SBO Internet Sitings LONDON CALLING-VIA THE WEB Spotlight on the Fannin County Bands URL: The most recent Web site to grab our attention here at School Band and Orchestra magazine is a family effort brought to us by husband and wife band directors Elden and Wanda Moates and their daughter Amy, the Webmaster. Elden […] Read More...
  • Building Your Own Web Page

    Mike Lawson | January 1, 2000

    The single most influential technology factor affecting all ofus today is the Internet. It is rapidly changing how we dobusiness, communicate and plan, and even use our leisuretime. Recently, my future daughter in-law planned a visitfrom Utah to Denver over Christmas vacation. She went on-lineand purchased a round trip airlines ticket from their Web page foronly $99, while travel agents could do no better than $300 for thesame ticket on the same flight. Economically, the World-Wide Webportion of the Internet is an incredible area for purchasing' sellingproducts. It is also a great opportunity for local, state, regional,national, and worldwide publicity. As music educators, we need totake advantage of the Internet as we attempt to better promote ourmusic programs as the world is literally our potential audience.(For an example of this, check out Arapahoe High School's active instrumental music program in Littleton, Colorado on the Internet at: and peruse their calendar of events. Their Web site has made a tremendous difference in sharing ideas with parents, directors, students, and instructors from all over the world with lots of feedback as well.)

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