Teach Me Bass Guitar Now Available For Download and Streaming

Mike Lawson • Playing Tips • February 10, 2015

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Since 2009, Roy Vogt’s Teach Me Bass Guitar (TMBG) has been acknowledged as the world’s best course of self-paced bass guitar instruction, and it’s now available in two formats – download/streaming and the traditional, award-winning 10 DVD package.

TMBG makes it more convenient than ever to pick up the bass and learn. And TMBG students are never dependent on someone else’s schedule. When they’re ready to learn, Roy – one of the world’s foremost player/instructors – is a button-click away. Roy takes students from lesson to lesson, each building on the skills taught in the one before it, preventing the missing gaps and pitfalls of jumping from instructor to instructor. (Estimated completion time: 18 months – 3 years).*

Dowload the Entire Digital Set

TMBG digital products are available to students instantly, from anywhere in the world, on any compatible desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Downloading stores Lessons on a custom library on your device, so the they’re always available, even without an Internet connection. Streaming and Download formats allow for the purchase of the entire set at once, in Bundles – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced skill levels – or as individual lessons.

Bundle Sets

Beginner Bundle. The first six lessons of Teach Me Bass Guitar introduce the instrument, the fundamentals of music, and the role of the bass guitar. By the time Lesson 6 is completed, the student will have learned the rudiments of what to play, how to play, when to play, and, just as important, when not to play. From Lesson 2 on, Roy joins the amazing TMBG band of A-list Nashville studio musicians to play through a song specially written to illustrate the principles of that Lesson, then steps aside to let the student increase skill and confidence by playing with the band, at both slow and fast speeds! (Estimated completion time: 6 – 9 months).*

Intermediate Bundle. The seven Intermediate lessons of Teach Me Bass Guitar take the student through more advanced musical concepts, improvisation, playing with a vocalist, and how the bass can best be adapted to various musical styles, including jazz, blues, country, and funk. By the time Lesson 13 is completed, the student will know scales, patterns, and sight-reading, and have a fairly good grasp of music theory. (Estimated completion time: 6 – 9 months).*

Advanced Bundle. The seven-lesson Advanced bundle, Lessons 14 thru 20 of Teach Me Bass Guitar, are for those who have completed Lessons 1-13 or who, through years of playing, have acquired the knowledge embodied in those lessons. In 14-20, Roy digs deep into the Pro-Player Toolkit with tips and tricks – such as the Nashville Number System – that, when mastered, will let students comfortably hold their own on any stage, or in any studio, with complete confidence. (Estimated completion time: 6 – 9 months).*

Individual Lessons

Teach Me Bass Guitar offers the option of downloading/streaming one lesson at a time. When each lesson is mastered, the next is just a click away! (Estimated completion time per Lesson, 1 -2 months*).

The Classic DVD Package

The award-winning DVD format includes 10, 2-Lesson discs and a .pdf copy of the 162 page, 4-color Companion Lesson Book (a spiral-bound print version of the books is available as an option). The Lessons play on any device with a DVD player.

All Formats Include:

– A real-time animated fretboard with moving notes that display exactly what Roy is playing.

– Five camera angles, so students can always clearly see what Roy is doing.

– Multi-view windows – right hand, left hand, scrolling music, onscreen fretboard – for enhanced comprehension.

– Play-Along with the TMBG Band – Roy steps out of the picture and the student becomes the bass player for the band.

– Play-along with the singer. Famed Nashville vocalist Jonell Mosser joins the TMBG band, so students can learn the unique skills necessary to compliment a vocalist.

– Students in the studio – To illustrate certain principles, Roy brings in some of his Belmont University bass students and teaches them on camera.

– Animated sheet music so the student can gain skills in sight reading as they play.

– Extensive Loop Library. Practice as often as you want with repeating loops. Play the lesson assignment over and over until you nail it. Then, with the click of a button, return to the exact place in the Lesson where you left off.

– Unlimited access to TMBG’s companion website, www.thunderrow.com, the international online community for bassists, would-be bassists, and those who love them.

TMBG’s download/streaming option opens a new era in top flight bass guitar instruction.



barbara@thelearningdock.com / 877-333-8007

*Average time for completion. Actual time depends on skill level and practice time.

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