Tens of Thousands Rally Behind Autistic Bandmate in Texas

SBO Staff • InclusionNews • October 18, 2021

Taryn Hozdic started petition to Katy ISD School Board in support of fellow band member “Bubba” Salinas.

Over 25,000 people have signed a petition asking the State of Texas and the Katy ISD to offer credit to student Luis (Bubba) Salinas, a Sophomore at Jordan High School. Fellow bandmate Taryn Hozdic started this petition to Katy ISD School Board, which has garnered over 25,000 signatures, five times the original 5,000 requested. 

SBO is following this story and will be writing about the situation involving both Mr. Salinas, and the application of federally-mandated accommodations for students with disabilities who participate in music programs in an upcoming issue.

We are interested in hearing from other music education professionals on how their districts, anywhere in the U.S.A., deal with credit accommodations for students with IEPs and disabilities. Please email editor Mike Lawson, where you can speak off or on the record as you wish on this topic.


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