The ClariKlang from ReedGeek 

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • February 15, 2019

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ReedGeek’s newest Klangbogen is the ClariKlang.

This resonance bow is the latest reed and bore stabilizer designed to fit all clarinets. The ClariKlang greatly increases the efficiency of their reed by stabilizing the energy transfer through the mouthpiece and barrel of the clarinet, and also promotes more correct playing by allowing the player’s embouchure to stay relaxed while fostering a more stable tongue-level position.  

Designed to fit traditional inverted two screw ligatures and select Rovner Models by attaching to the current ligature screw and positioned accordingly, the ClariKlang can also be used on bass clarinets with Selmer style two-piece screw fixture tuning necks. Available in brass, silver and 24kt gold plate. $84.95-$120  

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