The ReedGeek

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • January 19, 2016

ReedGeekThe ReedGeek “ Universal “ Tools are designed to help all woodwind players (both students and professionals), achieve better reed performance – with a compact, portable design and proprietary true-edge retention technology.

The ReedGeek  “G4 ” & “DoubleGeek” are the newest members of the ReedGeek “Universal” family. The DoubleGeek focuses on the specific needs of the double reed player, but is useful for all reed players.  In addition to the ReedGeek Universal tool’s features, both the “G4” & “DoubleGeek”  implement  two new, elongated and curved rail bevels, which are designed to profile rails and re-contour the spine of both single and double reeds. Both tools include ReedGeek’s proprietary black diamond wear finish, which provides ultimate refinement of the cut on natural cane as well as synthetic reeds. The ReedGeek “DoubleGeek”  is the only Universal tool that offers a threaded, removable handle for added leverage and familiarity in the hand.

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