Theo Wanne “NY Bros” Alto and “Slant Sig” Tenor Mouthpieces

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • January 12, 2016

Theowanne MouthpieceTheowanne MouthpieceFor the Slant Sig Tenor, Theo utilized the best design principles from the first ‘Slant Signature’ Otto Link models of the early 1950s, through the ‘Early Babbitt’ models of the 1970s.

The NY Bros Alto was designed by incorporating the best features of every Meyer vintage, from the 1940s to present. It plays with an incredibly full tone and plenty of projection.

Both mouthpieces are made from a proprietary formula of Harry Hartmann’s Fiberrod, which sounds as good as vintage hard rubber but will not warp or discolor. This material, combined with Theo Wanne’s manufacturing and quality control, makes for mouthpieces that are consistent from one to the next, true to design, and great quality.

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