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Thomas Palmatier • November 2023Playing Tips • November 1, 2023

SBO+: I get asked to present quite a few conducting workshops, especially for busy music educators who may not have the time or money to attend the many summer symposia that are out there. From time to time, I will share some of the things I often include in those workshops.

Your Body is Your Instrument

Personal Fitness –  great conductors are athletes!

Warm-up and Stretching – you need to warm-up too

Wear and Tear on the Hands and Wrist – use a thicker baton to reduce strain on the wrist. Warm up your wrists, relax your fingers.

Know What You Look Like (especially from behind)

Your body

Your face

Your attire – no panty lines!

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses. Work on the
Weaknesses and Accentuate the Strengths

Your Stance

  Feet shoulder width apart

  Don’t move your feet without a good reason

  Stand up straight, shoulders back, chest open

  Don’t bend knees or at the waist

  Get up on your toes for emphasis

  What do you look like from the back?

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