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SBO Staff • December 2023Repertoire • December 11, 2023

Concert Band

Alfred Music •

Arabian Dances by Roland Barrett, Grade 2

The Tempest by Robert W. Smith, Grade 1

Red Giant by Jorge L. Vargas, Grade 2

You Better Sleigh! by JaRod Hall, Grade 3

Great Beginnings by Michael Kamuf, Grade 0.5

Excelcia Music •

Byzantine Dances by Carol Brittin Chambers

Acropolis by Matthew R. Putnam

Zig-Zag by Sean O’Loughlin

Aliens in the Attic by Tyler Arcari

Brace for Impact by Christina Huss

Hal Leonard  •

How To Train Your Dragon – arr. Sean O’Loughlin

Selections from Encanto – arr. Paul Murtha

The Mandalorian – arr. Paul Murtha

Lux Aurumque – Eric Whitacre

Never Gonna Give You Up – arr. Matt Conaway

Randall Standridge Music •

Choose Joy by Randall Standridge, Grade 3

Fragile by Randall Standridge, Grade 1.5-2

Darklands March by Randall Standridge, Grade 2

Winter Winds by Randall Standridge, Grade .5-1

Shadow Fire by Randall Standridge, Grade .5

Wingert-Jones Publishing •

Wintertide by Randall D. Standridge

Axiom by Larry Clark

Acclaim by Rob Grice

Alien Invasion by David Gorham

A Childhood Hymn by David Holsinger

RWS Music •

Battle Hymn of the Republic. arr. by Bruce Penticoff,
Grade 4

Without A Trace by Bryce Newton, Grade 3

Across The Universe by Alexandre Carlin, Grade 1

The Sea Dogs March by Brian Bankston, Grade 3

Soaring Over High and Low Country by Robert W. Smith,
Grade 3.5

GIA Publications •

Habits of a Successful Musician

A Real Slow Drag for Concert Band – Scott Joplin, arr.
Anton Charles

Fantasia on “Greensleeves” – Ralph Vaughn Williams,
arr. Merlin Patterson

Murphy Music Press •

Echoes of a Northern Lake by Cait Nishimura, Grade 4

Flash Fury by Kevin Day, Grade 5

Seminole Snake Dance by Jerod Tate, Grade 3

Astra by Katahj Copley, Grade 5

A Slavic Heart by Michele Fernández, Grade 3

FJH Music •

Measures of Success, Books 1 & 2 – All Instrumentation including Teacher’s Manual by Deborah A. Sheldon, Brian Balmages, Timothy Loest, Robert Sheldon / ed. David Collier

Warm-ups and Beyond – All Instrumentation by Timothy Loest, Kevin Lepper

Chorales and Beyond – All Instrumentation by Timothy Loest, Chip DeStefano

Superior Bands in Sixteen Weeks by Quincy C. Hilliard, Deborah A. Sheldon

Tuned-In and Count Me In – All Instrumentation by Brian Balmages, Robert Herring, and Darcy Vogt Williams


Alfred Music •

Song for a Winter’s Night by Gordon Lightfoot /
arr. Hanawalt & Sasanfar, SATB

Canon of Hope by Mark Burrows, 2-Part

Light of Grace by Andy Beck, SATB

Today’s Hope by Jacob Narverud, SAB

Dance! by Robert T. Gibson, SATB

Excelcia Music •

The Bouquet by Kara Stacy Bedwell, SSA

Love Lifted Me by Greg Gilpin, TPM

Alle, Alleluia by Bruce W. Tippette, SSA

Ai Hai Yo by Tyler Arcari, UTP

Poor Wayfarin’ Stranger by Jamey Ray, UTP

Hal Leonard  •

Sing Gently by Eric Whitacre

I Sing Because I’m Happy by Rollo Dilworth

Let the River Run by Carly Simon arr. Craig Hella Johnson

Crowded Table arr. Andrea Ramsey

J’entends le Moulin by Emily Crocker

GIA Publications •

Habits of a Successful Choral Musician

Ubi Caritas by Ola Gjeilo

Sleep by Eric Whitacre

Where the Light Begins by Susan LaBarr

This Little Light of Mine – arr. Robert Gibson

Marching Band

Alfred Music •

Danger Zone by Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock /
arr. Mike Story

Kings & Queens by Amanda Koci, and others

Push It by Herbie Azor [Salt-n-Pepa] / arr. Mike Story

September by Maurice White, Al McKay, and Allee Willis
/ arr. Mike Story

High Hopes by Tayla Parx and others

Hal Leonard  •

Industry Baby – arr. Jay Bocook

Take Me Home, Country Roads – arr. Matt Conaway

I’m Still Standing – arr. Matt Conaway

Never Gonna Give You Up – arr. Matt Conaway

Handclap – arr. Paul Murtha

Randall Standridge Music •

Seasons Change by Randall Standridge and Mo Longo

Pictures at Bald Mountain by Randall Standridge

Paranormal by Randall Standridge

Agent 54 by Randall Standridge and Mo Longo

Ritual by Randall Standridge

Jazz Ensemble

Alfred Music •

Curacao Blue by Zachary Smith

Chameleon by Herbie Hancock / arr. Victor López

Watermelon Man by Herbie Hancock / arr. Mike Kamuf

The Chicken by Alfred James Ellis / arr. Kris Berg

Cantaloupe Island by Herbie Hancock / arr. Mike Kamuf

Excelcia Music •

All is Calm, All is Bright arr. Peter Blair

The Funky Dreidel arr. Jamie Roth

Groovin’ Up the Halls arr. David Samuel 

Baby Blues by Larry Clark

Java Samba by Steve Parsons

Hal Leonard  •

Tank! – arr. John Wasson

Feeling Good – arr. Roger Holmes

Moanin’ – arr. Sy Johnson

Caravan – arr. Michael Sweeney

Superstition – arr. Paul Murtha

Kendor Music Publishing

Critical Mass by Jeff Jarvis

Hay Burner by Sammy Nestico

Orange Sherbert by Sammy Nestico

Honk by Jeff Jarvis

Fat Cat by Doug Beach (Doug Beach Music)


Alfred Music •

Exhilaration by Cooper Ford, Grade 1

Snow Day by Katie O’Hara LaBrie, Grade 2

Dragonhunter by Richard Meyer, Grade 1

Battle by Soon Hee Newbold, Grade 3

Genesis by Rossano Galante, Grade 3.5

Excelcia Music •

Thundersnow! by Katie O’Hara LaBrie

Aliens in the Attic by Tyler Arcari

Sweet New Moon by Yukiko Nishimura

Moonlit Skies by Sean O’Loughlin

Subatomic by Larry Clark

Hal Leonard

Music from Encanto – arr. Larry Moore

Music from Stranger Things – arr. Sean O’Loughlin

Anti-Hero – arr. Larry Moore

Tico Tico – arr. Jim Kazik

Music from Home Alone – arr. Jim Kazik

Wingert-Jones Publishing •

Legends of Glory by Kathryn Griesinger

Spy Rock by Eric B. Davis

Blue Rhythmico by Kirt N. Mosier

Waltz of the Wicked by Kirt N. Mosier

Inverno arr. Todd Parrish

RWS Music •

Four Portraits for Strings, Dylan Off-Fixmer, Grade 4

O Holy Night, arr. by Derric Johnson, full orchestra, Grade 4.5

Kingmaker by Peter Sciaino, Grade 1

Bells of the Winter Range by Dylan Off-Fixmer, Grade 4.5

The Phantom Coach by Bryce Newton, Grade 1

Murphy Music Press •

Bolerito by Edna Alejandra Longoria

The Boss by Armand Wimberly

Aires Antiguos by Nicolas Repetto

GIA Publications •

Habits of a Successful String Musician

Por un Cabeza – arr. Chris Selby

Kendor Music Publishing •

Beyond the Thunder by Deborah Baker Monday

Canyon Sunset by John Caponegro

Themes from The Moldau arr. Robert S. Frost

Aeolian Rock by Jeffrey Frizzi

Aztec Warrior by Jeffrey Frizzi

Randall Standridge  Randall Standridge 

Santa the Barbarian by Randall Standridge

La Bruja arr. by Jorge Vargas

Goblins & Ghouls by Katie O’Hara LaBrie

Mechanical Monsters by Randall Standridge

Shadow Fire by Randall Standridge

FJH Music •

Measures of Success for String Orchestra Books 1 and 2, by Gail V. Barnes, Brian Balmages, Carrie Lane Gruselle, Michael Trowbridge

New Directions For Strings, Books 1 & 2 by Joanne Erwin, Kathleen Horvath, Robert D. McCashin, Brenda Mitchell / arr. Soon Hee Newbold, Elliot Del Borgo

A Scale in Time by Joanne Erwin, Kathleen Horvath, Robert D. McCashin, Brenda Mitchell

Superior Strings in Sixteen Weeks by Peggy Wheeler and Carrie Lane Gruselle

Rhythms and Beyond by Timothy Loest, Timothy Wimer

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