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Vandoren Releases V16 Reeds for Bari Sax

Sharon Paquette Lose • Instruments & Gear • January 13, 2017

Vandoren now offers V16 reeds for baritone saxophone.

As the thickest of the Vandoren jazz cuts, V16 reeds have been known for decades for a full, husky sound and strong attack for soprano, alto, and tenor saxophone. With the addition, jazz baritone players now have all the same jazz reed options as other saxophonists – V16, JAVA, JAVA Red, and ZZ reeds. 

“Bari players have been asking for this for a long time,” said Michael Fenoglio, Vandoren Product Specialist. “Finding your own voice is an extremely important and personal pursuit for jazz musicians. Vandoren is committed to equipping musicians with everything they need to make that pursuit as seamless as possible. The V16 for bari is yet another step to that end.”

V16 bari reeds are available in strengths 2-4.

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