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VENN Reeds from D’Addario

Victoria Wasylak • Instruments & Gear • December 3, 2020

D’Addario Woodwind’s VENN is a new species of reeds that combines the stability and longevity of a synthetic reed with the sound and feel of natural cane.

To mimic the organic structure of cane, D’Addario reverse-engineered cane itself, layering different strengths of polymer fibers with resin and organic reed elements to make up the reed blank. VENN lasts far longer than a cane reed, is consistent from reed to reed, and is less subject to splitting, chipping, and breaking from use. VENN requires no prep, care, and maintenance and is resistant to environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, and more. Available initially for Bb Clarinet, Alto and Tenor Saxophone.

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