Warburton Moves To New Factory

Mike Lawson • News • January 10, 2018

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Terry Warburton has moved his factory to a new 12,000 sq. foot factory just miles down the road from his previous location on historic U.S. Highway 1, in Titusville, Florida.

The move is a great step forward in the growth of Warburton’s company, which is known for its world-class brass mouthpieces, accessories, and trumpets.

“My goal has always been to be a major part of the International Brass Industry, and I am proud to say my company is moving quickly down that path,” says Warburton. “Over the years I’ve had the great pleasure to meet and work with all levels of musicians, from beginners to professional, and I have always enjoyed helping them to pursue what they love. This new factory will allow us to do even greater things.”

Warburton will be publicly celebrating the move February 22 and 23 with Warbapalooza: A Celebration of World-Class Brass Since 1974. The two-day event will host a Grand Opening concert in the Astronaut High School Theater in Titusville, Florida, and an afternoon of free factory tours and an open house at the new location. The Grand Opening concert will feature music of all styles, performed by Warburton Artists from all over the country.

This new factory is also a great marker in the progress of Warburton Music Products since its devastating fire in 2005. Having to re-start almost completely from scratch 12 years ago, Warburton Music Products is now bigger than ever and has great plans for the future.

All Warburton products are made in the factory in Titusville, Florida and include a full line of brass mouthpieces for trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet, cornet, French horn, trombone and tuba along with brass and woodwind accessories, P.E.T.E., THE BUZZARD, the Warburton Modular Sax Neck, the A.T.V., the A.P.E., the O.P.S., Woody mutes, Mute Meister Mutes, hand finished saxophone mouthpieces in hard rubber and brass, and a professional line of trumpets, cornets, and flugelhorns. More information about Warburton Music Products can be found here.

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