Welcome to Miss Abby’s Classroom

Thomas Palmatier • FeaturesOctober 2022 • October 13, 2022

SBO+: I have had the great privilege of subbing for a terrific general music (K-5) teacher, Abigail Lantz at Wilmot Elementary School in Evergreen, Colorado. Her curriculum and lesson plans are fantastic and over the last five years, she has accumulated the tools to teach her students. It took some funds from the school, lots of help from the PTSA, and many donated instruments from families and businesses. Here’s her inventory list. Her advice: (1) Unless you get a chunk of money (ESSER?), it will take you time to accumulate this inventory. (2) Ask for donations! How many unused guitars and drum sets do you think are in people’s basements?

Classroom sets (25-27)

Classical acoustic guitars (Lyons/Westwood) 1/2, 3/4, full

44-key Casio keyboards and headphones (donated by Little Kids Rock, now named Music Will)

Ukuleles (Mahalo)

Boomwhackers (8 sets)

Bass boomwhackers one set and octave caps (8)

Bucket drums and drumsticks (drums donated by Home Depot)

Xylophones/metallophones/glockenspiel mix of soprano, alto, bass (only need 14 and have 2 kids to an instrument) also bass bars

Full size keyboards (2) and one acoustic piano

4 electric guitars

8 microphones

2 bass guitars

2 kid drumsets, one electric drumset (Alesis)

Recorders (buy one for each kid or have kids buy them) plus classroom set

7 Remo conga drums

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