Yamaha CSS-A Series Concert Snare Drum

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • February 22, 2016

Yamaha CSSThe new models provide a significant upgrade from the original CSS series, most notably in their highly durable 1.2mm chrome-plated steel shells, making them the only drums of this kind offered by a major percussion manufacturer specifically for the concert percussion market. Other improvements include a 3-piece zinc/steel tubular lug tuning system to optimize the shell vibration, and a Q-Type strainer which enables the snares to be tightened and released quickly and easily. Coiled snares make it effortless to play even-sounding rolls, perfect for both the beginning and intermediate percussionist, while the 30/45 bearing edge ensures fast transfer of vibration throughout the shell for increased sensitivity and warmth.

Designed with aspiring drummers in mind, the CSS-1450A (9.2 lbs.; 14” X 5”) and CSS-1465A (10.5 lbs.; 14” X 6.5”) are built to be concert snare drums as the first priority, but ideal for all types of situations, including with a drum set.

Yamaha CSS-A series chrome and steel concert snare drums are currently shipping and have an MSRP of $546.00 for the CSS-1405A and $598.00 for CSS-1465A. Both models offer a one-year warranty.

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