Your New Daily Music Routine

Mike Lawson • Commentary • March 27, 2020

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A suggested teaching and exercise schedule for navigating at-home lessons If there’s a word that’s been floating around every teaching Facebook group while educators band together to navigate the current COVID-19 crisis, it’s order.

As school staff are forced to adapt to a new way of teaching and assessing student progress while students “shelter in place” to prevent the spread of the current coronavirus pandemic, what teachers need most right now is a sturdy regimen to guide them and their students. From that handy-dandy learning schedule, the rest will fall into place.

SBO thanks Rachel Clakley for sharing this chart of suggested daily activities for band and choir, which documents ways to help your students retain what they already know, as well as pick up new skills from home.

Rachel and many educators like her have been supporting each other by sharing resources and free teaching tools for online educators in music-education-specific Facebook groups. This particular gem came from “Music Educators Creating Online Learning.”

If you find yourself in a tough spot these next few weeks (or, we daresay, months), these teaching groups are an excellent way to connect with others, glean new techniques and technology for distance learning, and share the occasional joke or two.

Remember, we’re all in this together.

Click below to englarge the schedule. 

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