BG Franck Bichon

  • BG Franck Bichon’s New Cleaning Accessories

    Mike Lawson | August 17, 2018

    BG Franck Bichon's new line of Quality BG products for Brass Wind instruments include a full line of swabs and care products designed especially for all brass products including tuba, trombone and trumpet.

  • BG Franck Bichon Co-Founder Passes Away

    Mike Lawson | August 8, 2018

    Today, SBO received the following statement from BG Franck Bichon regarding the passing of Serge Bichon, co-founder of BG Franck Bichon:

  • BG Franck Bichon Introduces New Yoke Strap

    Mike Lawson | July 17, 2018

    BG Franck Bichon's new yoke strap for saxophones features the new BG metal snap hook, as well as the new BG metal adjuster.

  • New Colored Straps from BG Franck Bichon

    Mike Lawson | June 18, 2018

    BG Franck Bichon has added red and white neck straps to their line of the conventional BG neck straps, while still maintaining the traditional black models.

  • BG Franck Bichon’s Coated Metal Snap Hook

    Mike Lawson | March 5, 2018The new Coated Metal Snap Hook for straps from BG Franck Bichon has a unique soft and durable coating to protect saxophones from scratches. This feature also helps to avoid unwanted noises during recording and performing. Read More...
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