• Drumfire Drum Practice Pad

    Mike Lawson | June 11, 2015

    Drumfire Drum Practice Pad

    The pad’s surface replicates a real drumhead. The pad also comes equipped with an adjustable stand, solid braced legs, non-slip rubber feet, and friction locking clutch. The versatile stand and removable head gives drummers the option to comfortably practice in the studio, before a show, or even on the road.

  • Remo Powerstroke 77 Snare Drumhead

    Mike Lawson | June 11, 2015

    Powerstroke 77 Snare Drumhead

    The Powerstroke 77 snare drumhead consists of two free-floating plies of 7-mil film with a 7-mil inlay ring and a 5-mil top clear dot. The inlay ring reduces overtones, and the 5-mil top clear dot adds durability.

  • Sound Percussion Labs Kicker Pro

    Mike Lawson | January 3, 2015SPL’s new Kicker Pro is a student-size 5-piece drum kit that includes tunable drumheads, a full-size chain drive bass drum pedal, and multiple, real poplar wood shells. With an 18″x14″ bass drum, 12″x5″ snare, 8″x5″ tom, 10″x5″ tom, and a 12″x10″ floor tom, as well as hi-hat and crash/ride cymbals, the Kicker Pro comes with […] Read More...
  • Remo Dorado Cajon/Powerstroke 77 Snare Drumhead

    Mike Lawson | January 3, 2015

    Remo’s Dorado Cajons are designed and handcrafted in California using Birch wood and two sets of three compression springs with over 400 coils each. The Dorado Cajon uses a traditional Fixed Faceplate construction.

    This process seals the drum completely and enables the bass tones to resonate naturally. Two finishes available are available: all Natural or Amber body with a Natural face. Each drum measures 11-3/8" X 11-5/8" X 18-7/8”. The Natural model’s MSRP is $269 and the Amber model’s MSRP is $289.

  • Toca Percussion Entry-Level Colorsound Cajons

    Mike Lawson | January 3, 2015The cajon is an entry-level instrument for all aspiring drummers at any age. Toca Percussion proudly presents a new cajon for every budget. Toca’s Colorsound Cajons are available in five vibrant colors – blue, green, pink, red, and white – and are 17-inches H X 11-inches X 11-inches D. MSRP: $149. TocaPercussion.com   Read More...
  • Gretsch Drums Renown Walnut/Birch

    Mike Lawson | January 3, 2015

    Each Renown Walnut drum features 6-ply North American walnut shells (walnut/maple/walnut), with 30-degree bearing edges, and is available in Gloss Natural and Walnut/Black Fade with natural interior shell. Drums are finished with chrome hardware including die-cast tom and snare hoops.

    The kit includes two tom clamps, non-drilled bass drum, hinged brackets, and ultra-low profile tom suspension system. Toms come with Remo clear Emperors, batter side, and Gretsch by Remo clear Ambassadors resonant side. Bass drum batter-side is shipped with Remo clear Powerstroke 3 and Gretsch coated white heads with muffle ring resonant side. 

  • New, Weighted KickPro Pillows

    Mike Lawson | January 3, 2015The KickPro combines a weighted core with a non-skid, rubberized bottom and a fleece cover. This design allows the Pillow to be positioned with as much or as little contact with the bass drum head as desired yet keeps it securely in place without applying adhesives to the drum. KickPro Pillows are available now and […] Read More...
  • Repair: Drum Maintenance

    Mike Lawson | November 23, 2014

    Considering the literal beating that drums and related equipment take on a regular basis, care and maintenance of snares and toms should be a regular part of the battery’s routine. Following is a list of tools and supplies, suggested maintenance activities, and some pointers that might be particularly handy for students and teachers who are not percussion specialists. This should provide all of the information needed to keep wood and metal drums in peak working condition.

  • Percussion Performance: Sight-Reading

    Mike Lawson | November 19, 2013

    Sight-Reading Contest Success and the Percussion Section

    One of the most daunting aspects of getting your band ready for contest is preparing them for the sight-reading room. With so much to consider, from the actual music to your preferred procedure for how your band should approach the experience, the percussion section can get lost in the mix. On a good day, the percussion may hardly even be noticed. On a bad day, the percussion section can be a real liability and can potentially create pitfalls that the rest of the band will fall into.

    Fortunately, this can be prevented when successful band programs actively apply the saying “plan your work and work your plan.”

    Being from Texas, I wrote this from my experiences at UIL Sight-Reading Contest as a band director and as a percussion specialist. It can be expected, however, that many of these strategies will work in other sight-reading Contest formats. Here are eight strategies that will make sure everyone knows their role, has a job to do, and can reasonably understand what to expect when they set foot in the sight-reading room.

  • October 2010

    Mike Lawson | October 13, 2010

    CodaBow's JOULE Designs for Violin, Viola & Cello

    The CodaBow's JOULE features a trademark Graphite Diamond Weave architecture that extends precisely from button to tip. This technology is said to contribute to the balance between strength and flexibility. The JOULE's Acoustic Core, comprised of a medley of advanced fibers, imbues a natural sensitivity and organic characteristic.

    The frog design is said to increase effective hair length while preserving thumb position and dynamic balance, which encourages more sound from the lower range while heightening string control.

  • February, 2009

    Mike Lawson | February 12, 2009

    Jody Jazz Saxophone MouthpiecesJody Jazz Saxophone Mouthpieces
    Designed for easy playing, good projection, and a dark warm throaty baritone sound, the DV NY mouthpiece, from Jody Jazz, is suitable for all styles of playing. The DV BASS, for bass saxophone, delivers ease of play and a deep dark warm tone. The DV BASS features a medium chamber with PHI proportions. Both new mouthpieces are manufactured with machines from Virgin Brass and are hand-finished and plated in 24 karat gold.


  • Tech Tools to Aid Student Performance

    Mike Lawson | November 10, 2008

    Technology may appear to be the one ingredient that can help us maximize instructional time, especially outside of class, but implementing new tools may be challenging for those who feel under pressure and maxed out with learning curves. Ironically, many of our students are already stepping up to the plate in the technology sphere with blogging, podcasting, iTunes, YouTube, and MP3 players, while many of us are safely teaching dated methodologies and techniques governed by the limitations of our college curriculum which often included little, if any, music technology. Students are pretty techno-savvy and educators need to plug into that enthusiasm.

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