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    • Realtime Music Solutions May Have Your Distance Rehearsal Solution Today

      For over two decades, New York City-based Realtime Music Solutions (RMS) has been delivering solutions for rehearsing music to the musical theater market. Through software products, RMS has helped countless national, regional, and local theater productions, in addition to serving the school musical production community. And like everyone, when COVID-19 hit, their business was hit hard. No productions means no rehearsals.

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    • JamKazam Just May Save Ensembles in a Virtual Teaching World

      JamKazam founder David Wilson was a band kid growing up. He started on trumpet then switched to euphonium. He raised band kids. His eldest son played sax and his daughter plays trumpet in the marching band at Baylor. JamKazam is an online real-time group performance platform for Windows and Mac OS computers. It allows musicians to hear and perform with each other with extremely low latency, and even stream the sum of that performance out via video to YouTube and Facebook Live.

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    • Dorico 3.5: Innovation in Notation

      Steinberg’s music notation program, Dorico, has a fascinating history. From the outset, there were rumors and conjectures about what to expect from this new product, followed by an initial release that was clearly incomplete, leaving many to wonder if and when we would see a fully functional program.

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    • Reference 4: Room EQ Made Simple

      If you follow any of the online groups on music production, you know a day doesn’t go by when someone doesn’t ask about what gear they should buy for their studios. The responses predictably include everyone’s favorite mics, plug-ins, and speakers.

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    • Steinberg’s Dorico 3

      The latest version of Dorico, Steinberg’s professional engraving program, has been released, and it includes an impressive list of new features and improvements.

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    • Soundtrap: Musicmaking and Podcasting for the Classroom

      Those of you who are old enough might remember Moore’s Law, the idea that computing power would double every 1-2 years.

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    • Eventide H9 Max: Big Effects in a Small Package

      Eventide has a long history of innovation and quality. In the mid-70s, they were the first to bring a digital effects device to market with the H910 Harmonizer. By the 1980s, the H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer added intelligent scalar harmonization and became standard equipment in top studios around the world.

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    • Steinberg Does Jazz

      Jazz has always been something of an afterthought in music technology. Other than programs like Band in a Box, support for jazz notation and performance practices has been somewhat limited and often required jazz composers to resort to convoluted workarounds.

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    • Mastering Organization in Rehearsal Using iPads

      Chances are likely that you have heard of a few iPad apps for use in the classroom. Like me, you may have heard about so many of them that you can’t even remember them all — or you have made it so far as to download them and now hundreds of little icons have been left untouched in a folder called “Music,” sitting on your home screen.

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    • ASSR Session Files: An SBO Best Tools for Schools 2018 Award Winner

      Wandering around the NAMM show is an experience in cacophony. Between product demos, artist presentations, and the thousands of attendees trying out the latest gear, it’s hard to hear yourself think.

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    • New Jazz Ensemble Music Released by Excelcia Music Publishing for 2021-22

      Excelcia Music Publishing released their second Jazz Ensemble music catalog with new and inspiring tunes from well-known composers as well as talented new voices. The 2021-22 music embraces the rich tradition of big band music and forges new ground in music for contemporary jazz ensembles.

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    • Hercules Stands’ New DG Adaptive Series

      Hercules recently launched their DG Adaptive Series, which includes three new products – the Universal Podcast Mic & Camera Arm Stand, Smartphone Holder, and 2-In-1 Tablet.

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    • Buffet Crampon Festival Clarinet Comes with $200 Rebate during Month of June

      During the month of June, Buffet Crampon USA is offering a $200 Instant Rebate on the Festival B-flat clarinet. Considered a Prestige-level clarinet, the Festival has many upgraded features, including an alternate A-flat/E-flat key for the left hand, premium unstained African blackwood, two tuning barrels (65mm and 66mm), metal tenon caps and GT pads. It features a poly-cylindrical bore and is a member of the R13 bore family. Festival clarinets also come in the upgraded Prestige case (B-flat in a single, A in a double case).

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    • Ukulele VT Virtual Tone Series Strings from Black Diamond

      Black Diamond‘s V-Fluorocarbon strings, which have a brighter tone than their counterpart Nylon, are made from high quality materials imported from Argentina. Along with a longer product life span, they promise to stay in tune longer.

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    • Grover Mandolin Machine Heads (409 Series)

      Cleveland, OH-based Grover Musical Products announced Grover professional model mandolin machine heads (409 Series). A specially designed, adjustable worm gear along with the die cast base maintains the center lines of the gear and worm to insure correct alignment. The worm to gear ratio is 18:1.

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    • Trophy Music Co. Announces Mel-O-Dee Balls

      Cleveland, OH-based Trophy Music Co. and Grover Musical Products are introducing Mel-O-Dee Balls. Mel-O-Dee Balls are an accurately tuned, C to C, 8 ball set, individually colored and note marked, so that virtually anyone can learn to play. They produce musical tones when squeezed.

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    • Excelcia Music Publishing Releases Inspiring New Concert Band Music Catalog

      A bold release with over 50 new works, Excelcia Music Publishing’s just released 2021-22 Concert Band music catalog is filled with pieces from many beloved composers as well as talented new voices.  The new catalog includes a myriad of styles, from marches and contest festival works to Halloween and holiday concerts.  As it has done in prior years, the publisher’s release includes live professional recordings of each piece (safely recorded), which can be used as a tool with students in the classroom as well as for remote learning. 

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    • Buffet Crampon 1180 Student Bass Clarinet

      Featuring an African blackwood body, silver-plated keys and simplified register key design, the 1180 student bass clarinet retains many of the acoustic properties of the legendary Prestige bass models while still being an affordable option for school music programs.  The 1180 also has range to low E-flat and a sturdy, lightweight case with latches for secure protection and transport.

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    • Two New Graphic Practice Pads from Vic Firth

      The Avedis Zildjian Company, parent company of Vic Firth, has announced the introduction of two new products into its lineup of practice accessories, the Vic Firth Digital Camo Practice Pads, and the Vic Firth VF Practice Pads.

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    • DirectOut Adding NMOS to EXBOX.RAV Interface

      DirectOut Technologies has further expanded the capabilities of its recently released RAVENNA/MADI converter EXBOX.RAV, adding NMOS IS-04 and IS-05 support.

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